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      7 leaves 4.5mg - FlavourArt

      E-liquid - 7 Leaves 10ml - FlavourArt PG/VG Ratio 50%/40%
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      7 leaves 4.5mg - FlavourArt
      7 leaves 4.5mg - FlavourArt
      E-liquid nicotine - 7 Leaves 10ml - FlavourArt From the "Ultimate" project. To realize it, we have reviewed analytical and bibliographical data related to 7 tobacco qualities, fire cured, bright leaf, burley, shade, perique, latakia, oriental. We have grouped the most interesting components, the bests of each quality, to offer a basic tobacco flavor which can be used as a base for further developments. Smelled as such it delivers a nice dry and radiant note, with light undertone of dried leaves, woody nuances and a spicy touch. PG/VG Ratio 50%/40% WARNING! Only for use in electronic cigarettes! Do not drink! Do not put on your skin! Keep out of reach of children and pets! This product is intended for use and purchase only by adults of legal age! Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not use it! This is not a smoking cessation product. Use at your own discretion!

      by Веселин Вълков, 01 Oct 2020

      Отличен продукт. Осигурява голямо количество пара с добър тютюнев аромат.